Spread the love is a property investment platform that allows you to co-own property and subsequently accumulate investment proceeds that emanate from the property.

While investing, keep in mind that investing is a process that involves the risk of losing money, but with the hope to gain more. This means that investors should be willing to take risks and be able to afford losses. It is important to understand that investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme nor is it an overnight success story, it takes time. But with patience and discipline, one can achieve financial goals and build wealth over time.

Investing is not just about picking stocks, it’s about building an entire portfolio with a diverse mix of assets that can help you grow your money.

In a later part of this article we are going to have a total cribstock review.


Cribstock Investment

Cribstock Investment platform was founded in January of 2005 by Harold Nno. Oluwadamilola Shofarasin is the operations manager and Jude Francis is the Frontend Engineer. As of 28 of June, 2022, the platform has about 7,000+ users. is more of a real estate investment broken down into tiny portions of investment that amounts to what we could call shares. These shares are then purchased in bits known as units. Each unit when put together amounts to the entire value of the property broken down into bits.



Investing in real estate is a lucrative option for those who want to make money. But, before you get into it, you need to understand the basics of the industry.

The real estate industry is a booming sector that has been attracting investors from all over the world. Real estate investment involves purchasing of property with the intention of selling it for profit or renting it to generate income. Investing in real estate can be done by buying a property, or by investing in stocks, shares, or other securities related to the real estate market.

Investment Strategy:

Here are three basic strategies for investing in real estate: buy-and-hold (buying properties and selling them at a later date), flipping (buying properties at a low price and reselling them at a higher price), and renting (renting out properties to generate income). claims to be currently engaged in two of these strategies {buy-and-hold and renting}, but would gladly incorporate the third strategy {flipping} with a unanimous decision from all the shareholders of a particular property.

What you can Earn From Investing in

If you invest in cribstock you can earn between 0.056% to 0.168% on a daily basis and 2% to 10% on a monthly basis. Nevertheless, the benchmark of what can be earned is not pegged down on a certain percentage. Some cumulative factors can play a role in determining how high or how low you could earn.

The appreciating value of the property, the ability to make money from renting the property out, and how much that is made monthly in profits are the ultimate deciding factors that will determine your profit margin.

On cribstock platform, you can diversify by owning shares in more than one property at a time. Just like every other investment share, the more shares you hold in a property, the more profit you will accrue.

In cribstock investment, there is no monthly fee to maintain your ownership of a property. You may sell your stock, including the profit and capital, at any moment by pressing the Buy/Sell button on your portfolio, and the cash will be available for withdrawal to any Naira bank account in your name.


Different Sections of the Cribstock Website


Shows the entire rundown and outlook of your account.


Is where the stock held by you resides. Here you will see all the stocks you have bought so far and their growth rate.


Contains your funding, transfer and withdrawal options.


Where you can purchase stock from. Houses all the properties with available stocks that you can purchase from.


P2P center where you can sell or buy stocks from share holders of the properties.

Portfolio balance

The balance that holds all your investments. No withdrawal can be effected from your portfolio balance. You can only sell what is here in the Trade section and convert it to available cash in your wallet balance.

Wallet balance

The balance here can be used to purchase more stocks or withdrawn directly into your bank account.

Pending trade order

Shows how many pending trade orders you have. It either be a buying or selling trade order.


These are the Properties listed.


Unit price of each stock.

Market Cap

Market value of the property.


30 days percentage profit of the property in percentage.


One year percentage profit of the property in percentage.


Quantity of stock currently in your possession.

Cribstock Review {Platform Review}: Is Cribstock Legit?

Is cribstock legit? Before investing, the question on everyone’s mind becomes whether what they want to invest in is legit. This will be analyzed below and you can decide for yourself whether it is worth investing your hard-earned money in.


  • There are verifiable names and faces to the business. The founder’s name is available to the public.
  • There are addresses attached to the business and properties which is subject to private and personal ivestigation.
  • Customer service is top notch. They take it very serious. They will attend to your issues withing 24 hours of reaching out to them.
  • Interest rate not unrealistic like most would promise. It is within the confines of what is possible.
  • Stock is regulated by units. And once the quantity of the unit that will make up for the market cap is reached that property closes for investment.
  • Platforms Whois looks intact.


  • Liquidity is a major problem on the platform. Pulling out your money can only be done through a peer-to-peer trade place where you place your selling order and whoever wants to buy your stock will purchase it from there and the money goes into your wallet balance which is withdrawable to naira. There is no direct withdrawal from your portfolio balance. Notwithstanding, it being a new platform and not having too many users affects the liquidity because with increased users and higher demand for stock, liquidity{converting your money to cash} becomes easier and faster.
  • No document online yet to show full registration with the appropriate bodies but there is a physical address, should you have any enquiries regarding that.


Sign Up Process

How to start the process

  • Go to
  • Create a free account at by clicking on Start For Free.
  • Verify your account with the One-Time-Password sent to your email.
  • You will then get a free wallet and a free bank account to be used to fund your wallet.
  • Set your wallet’s secret pin or activate it.
  • To show your unique account number, go to the wallet tab on the left-hand side of your account and tap the fund wallet button.
  • To successfully fund the wallet, deposit naira through transfer into the unique account number.

How to Make The Investment

  • You should create an account and fund your wallet.
  • Go to the Invest Tab on the left side of your account (the last page after wallet)
  • Select a property from the list.
  • The property’s price will influence the magnitude of your investment.
  • Scroll through the property until you come to the Buy Stock button.
  • Click Buy Stock and enter a quantity (you can own multiple stocks)
  • Track the progress of your investment at any moment with your Portfolio



In all, cribstock review above has shown that cribstock can be taken as a side business, not a mainstay business. To an extent, the business idea and model behind cribstock are real and controllable. It is a new company that if well managed will stand the test of time and grow beyond bothers. Nevertheless, invest only what you can afford to lose.

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