how to close facebook pages
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How to Close Facebook Pages: This article will properly guide and direct you on how to close facebook pages.


The Facebook business page is the most used marketing strategy worldwide, it made it possible for many business owners to extend their businesses out to the world and also to acquire more customers worldwide. Although there are positive stories to this, some people tend to experience the negative or have other reasons which compels them to close their FB Business page.


Closing a F.B Business page can sometimes be confusing, that’s why I’m here to put you through so pay close attention. The right and easy way to close your FB business page is running through the process with a desktop or mobile.

I’ve seen complaints of people having trouble on how to close Facebook pages with their phones, which will take weeks to figure out but going through this process with any device, be it a personal computer or laptop is really easy.


Step-by-Step Process of How to Close Facebook Pages

Note, in order to Close your page you’ll have to be an admin to the page because only an admin has full control over a page. A subscriber or follower can never get access to the option of deleting a page, if it turns out you are the owner of the page and you are not an admin then you have to gain access to become an admin first.

Using Mobile;

Step 1:

Open Facebook on your mobile phone and log in, that is if you were not logged in.

Step 2:

At the top right-hand corner, you’ll see three horizontal lines that is in form of a menu.

Click on the horizontal lines.

how to close facebook pages


Step 3:

Click on the pages icon in the next pop-up window.

how to close facebook pages

Step 4:

Pick the page you want to delete and click on it.

how to close facebook pages

Step 5:

Click on the settings icon at the top right-hand corner of the page that you want to delete.

Step 6:

Click on general settings.

Step 7:

Click on delete and proceed to delete the page permanently.

how to close facebook pages

After clicking on delete, your page will be deleted but you’ll be given 14 days to restore it if you change your mind. When the 14 days are over, your page will be wiped out completely.


The fact that a FB business page worked out for someone doesn’t mean it will work out for you, it’s a good move to try other platforms too because you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. So whenever you’re not satisfied with your FB business page for any reason best known to you and you wish to close it, I hope the information above might be of great help.

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