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Npower Payment For Batch C and Program Extension

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We all know that the npower payment for Batch C has been inconsistent right from the onset of the program. It has been a thing of pay this month, skip 2 or 3 months; pay again, skip 1 month. The pattern of payment has been quite unpredictable. However, the question on all batch C stream 1 beneficiary’s minds has been, when will npower make payment for the remaining months of July, August, and maybe September? Would there be an extension of the program for at least extra 6 months?

The Program has been a good one with high expectations not minding that the npower payment for batch C has been inconsistent.


Npower Update Today

Currently, npower has started and is still processing npower backlog payment. During the course of several months of payment, a lot of beneficiaries had one payment issue or the other. It ranged from failed payments to no payments at all.

The good news is that a lot of these beneficiaries who experienced these failed payments are testifying to getting credited their npower backlog payment they’ve been owed for months. Nevertheless, a great number of beneficiaries are still complaining about the failure of the re-initiated backlog payments to successfully disburse the stipends to their respective accounts.

Due to the lack of proper and verified information regarding the July and August payments, many beneficiaries have stormed the Facebook handle of this platform to verify if these will still be paid.  The handlers of this social media platform went ahead to assure beneficiaries that they are studiously working on processing both failed payments and new payments. In other words, they clearly insinuated that the July and August Payment will soon be initiated.

Therefore, it is safe to say that npower payment of backlogs has commenced and is waxing strong. Hoping that it continues and every backlog gets cleared within the shortest time possible.


How Many Years Does Npower Last?

According to the outline of the program from the onset, the program is supposed to be 12 months for the graduate program. So, we can assume that the program for the Batch C stream 1 will be for just 12 months.  Following the antecedents of the previous Batches A & B especially A, the program was extended for them for almost 2 years. As of now, there has been no official statement stating that Batch C1 will be experiencing the same largesse extended to them.  With the stand of things currently, all beneficiaries should be prepared for whatever they see. They should start thinking of the business they can engage in to keep themselves engaged.



Npower has been a wonderful program initiated by the Buhari-led Presidency that tends to alleviate poverty since its inception. They’ve been making a dogged effort to serve its purpose but the beneficiaries of this program strongly believe that more could be done to make the program more worthwhile, especially the payment difficulties that have always wrapped itself around the program

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