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It is true that the Nigeria’s system has failed many of us, even the government has done far worse. For soo long we’ve lost hope in our leaders, their ruling also made it hard for us to know who is actually true and most people believe its going to take many years for a true leader to emerge. But as the saying goes “wherever there is darkness, there is light”. Take for instance the creation in the book of genesis, when there was darkness and the Holy Spirit was hovering around the earth. In darkness God called out light, from then on wonderful things began to happen. There are good leaders in which the bad odor of the government has made us see them as bad leaders. Give me your full attention as I’ll reveal the truth to you.



Due to certain situations that occurred during the early days of peter, he took it upon himself to make sure he doesn’t go back to where he started. Education was a priority in Peters life, he began his secondary school education at christ the king college onitsha were he successful graduated. He went on to bag a degree in philosophy at the University of Nigeria Nsukka in 1980. 

We all know igbo men are known for their fantastic business minds, but the mind of peter was more superb than others because he had an unconditional curiosity for business. After acquiring his degree at Nsukka he furthered his education at lagos business school, which he graduated from. Peter still never felt comfortable, he went on to study at the harvard business school in Boston, USA were he did two programs and made a successful exit. Still not satisfied he enrolled at London school of economics, Colombia South West school, New York, USA, institute for management development in Switzerland, were he acquired two certificates in senior executive program and chief executive officers program. With all this achievements he was still curious to know more, he then attended kellogg graduate school of management, USA, Oxford University business school and Cambridge University business school.


With all this knowledge being acquired, it gave him opportunities from many angles in nigeria and also other countries, making him very successful in the world of business. Later people will say school na scam. After going back home to his state and seeing the hardship they face, Peter took it upon himself to cause a change, this is were his political journey began. Peter being successful at anything he puts his mind to, became the governor of anambra. Although his political career was rocky at first but he pressed forward and tackled every issue that needed tackling. He got attentions from many organisations during his reign and even got awarded. His achievements are as follow:

  • Sunnewspapers man of the year (2007)
  • ThisdayNewspapers most prudent governor in nigeria (2009)
  • Championnewspaper’s Nigeria’s most trustworthy governor (2009)
  • WestAfrica ICTdevelopment award for governor of the year (2010)
  • Zikleadership prize (2011)
  • Billand Melinda Gates foundations best performing governor on immunisation in South East nigeria (2012)
  • Ezeifeleadership foundations leadership and good governance award (2012)
  • MethodistChurch of Nigeria’s golden award on prudence (2012); business hallmark newspapers man of the year (2012)
  • Siverbirdsman of the year (2013)
  • Thevoice newspaper’s award for outstanding example in leadership and governance (2014)
  • Championnewspaper’s most outstanding igbo man of the decade (2014)
  • Nigerianlibrary association golden merit award (2014)
  • Pontificalequestrian order of Saint Sylvester pop and martyr (2014)
  • Catholic dioceseof onitshas golden jubilee award (2015)

Apart from the achievements written above he empowered anambra alot during his tenure,


making it possible for the state not to borrow money like the other states. Even while his tenure ended he never owed money. Up till this day he is seen a true leader in anambra state because he wiped away alot of tears.



I spoke earlier about how peter obi’s political journey started ugly. Let me elaborate.

It is said that he contested for the seat of governorship in anambra state, under the APGA (All Progressive Grand Alliance) in 2003. But he had an opponent called Chris Ngige who was under the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party). But unfortunately peter lost and his opponent was declared the winner by INEC. But peter never admitted defeat, he took the case to court and 3 years he battled in court and finally won. The court of appeal told Ngige to step down on the 15th of March 2006, whereas Peter obi took over on the 17th of March 2006 but he was later impeached by the state House of assembly just after seven months in tenure. When peter was impeached, the vice governor who was Virginia Etiaba( the first female governor in nigeria) by then took over. But peter smelled something fishy and decided to get rid of the smell by challenging his impeachment in court. He later won and was give back power. He was reinstated on the 9th of February 2007 by the court of appeal. That same year peter was impeached during the general election because his opponent who was Andy Uba, won the election. Peter still, went to court because he perceived partiality. He explained to the court that the 4 year tenure he won in the 2003 election began counting when he gained power in March 2006. The supreme Court of law agreed to his complaint and reinstated peter on the 14th of June 2007.


We tend to judge books by their cover without checking how the book was properly written. Don’t let the bad governance of others cloud your judgement. We are all humans and we make mistakes, if you were put in the same position as a leader you might think you can handle it but you don’t know the trials that comes with it. There are leaders in the mist of bad people who push to see good prevail, so choose wisely.

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